Norwegian-Dutch research mission for radar signals

The Netherlands and Norway are developing two intelligence nanosatellites that will orbit the Earth in tandem formation. This is a bilateral research mission to investigate the sources of radar signals.

The consortium of research institutes Royal NLR, TNO and the Norwegian Defence Research Institute FFI (Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt) are developing a demonstration mission for a space based observation system as part of the MilSpace2 project (Military Use of Space). This research enables the Defence department to become less dependent on external parties. Satellite platform supplier NanoAvionics from Lithuania was selected for the delivery of the nanosatellites Birkeland and Huygens, after an independent evaluation process with tenderers from various countries. It is the first time that Norway and the Netherlands will be developing and launching satellites together. The launch of the two nanosatellites that jointly make up the BROS mission is planned for mid 2022.

More info see NLR website.


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 credits: NanoAvionics
credits: NanoAvionics