Sizzling Summer of Space

Please note: this website will be updated soon with a new lay-out and will show all events that will take place this spring/summer. Keep an eye on this website for the latest events during the Sizzling Summer of Space.

From 25 June to 24 August 2018 the Netherlands Space Office, Leiden University, the European Space Agency ESA and Delft University of Technology will host the International Space University’s Space Studies Program. Around 130 young professionals from the global space sector will participate in the prestigious summer school programme.  More than 150 experts will fly in to teach varying subjects such as space policy and space law, space technology, economics and space start-ups.

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Many of these events are public and open for a broader audience. For example the opening ceremony, the evening lectures by astronaut and Hubble Repairman, Jeff Hoffman, and futurologist Jim Dator and the Astronaut Panel. In addition the Dutch space sector is collaborating with the cities of Noordwijk, Delft, Leiden and The Hague to organise a Sizzling Summer of Space consisting of numerous space activities for a broader audience of school children, students, politicians and policy makers, media and the (space) industry.

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The ISU SSP offers Dutch companies, knowledge institutes and universities a great stage to present themselves. Many international space companies and organisations all over the world have already joined forces with ISU. They contribute to the programme by means of partnership and sponsoring. Both the curriculum and the public and semi-public events organised in the fringes of the ISU SSP give great opportunities for sponsoring and in-kind contributions. Read more about the programme and the opportunities to be involved in the Sizzling Summer of Space.

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