Dutch and German regions launch the Action Agenda for cooperation in the space sector

During the Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen, Zuid-Holland and Bremen launched the Action Agenda for cooperation in the space sector. Starting point of this agenda was the agreement made in March. At that time, the space trading mission to Bremen took place and, in the presence of the Dutch King and Queen, the agreement was signed to strengthen cooperation in the field of space between the regions of Zuid-Holland and Bremen. The parties involved are: SpaceNed, Province of Zuid-Holland, Aviaspace Bremen and the State of Bremen.

Round tables

Companies and knowledge institutions from both space regions immediately set to work in two round table discussions to further explore and develop their cooperation activities. One in the field of Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality (VR/AR) and the other in the field of lightweight materials, structures and smart industry.

The agenda describes cooperation actions up to 2023 aimed at the common challenges for the space sectors. These include a trade mission from Bremen to Zuid-Holland in 2020, joint Research & Development projects and strengthening of business and research relationships. Thematically, the cooperation focuses on earth observation, lightweight materials and VR/AR in space applications, among other things.

The Action Agenda was presented by Hans-Georg Tschupke (Head of Department Innovation and Industry, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Bremen) and Wiebe Brandsma (Director of Economic and Social Affairs at the province of Zuid-Holland) together with Jeroen Rotteveel and Holger Oelze (the chairmen of SpaceNed and Aviaspace respectively).

Jeroen Rotteveel: "In the Netherlands we say a good neighbour is better than a distant friend; that's why it's so logical to strengthen ties with Bremen". Hans-Georg Schupke adds: "This does not happen because the governments want it so badly; it happens because there are common interests and there is enthusiasm among companies and knowledge institutions for cooperation".

Afterwards, there was room for mutual acquaintance between companies or with knowledge institutions during the matchmaking Meet the Dutch. And while enjoying Zuid-Holland syrup waffles and a drink, there was also the opportunity to continue talking informally.

See Action Agenda 2019-2022; Cooperation in the Space Sector between Bremen and Zuid-Holland.